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Administrative Archives DTM Archives Geophysical Laboratory Archives

Carnegie Institution
Administrative Records

James Percy Ault Papers,
1904-1957 (Bulk 1904-1929)

Norman Levi Bowen Papers,
1907-1980 (Bulk 1907-1955)
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Louis Agricola Bauer Papers, 1892-1939

Francis Raymond Boyd Papers,
1912-2003 (Bulk 1951-2003)

Biophysics Program Records,
1931-1969 (Bulk 1945-1969)

Arthur Louis Day Papers,
1888-1898, 1902-1918

Cooperative Expedition Records,
1921-1927, 1935-1937

Geophysical Laboratory Financial Records, 1905-[1961] (Bulk 1905-1919)

Department of Terrestrial Magnetism General Files, 1904-Present

Geophysical Laboratory General Files, 1900-Present

Also see the DTM General Files Database for folder-level search

Also see the Geophysical Laboratory General Files Database for folder-level search

Department of Terrestrial Magnetism Photograph Collection, circa 1904-Present (Bulk 1904-1950s)

Geophysical Laboratory Photograph Collection, circa 1905-Present

Oliver H. Gish Papers, 1900-1988 (Bulk 1920-1952)

Geophysical Laboratory Research Notes and Files,1907-Present (Bulk 1920-1960)

Instrument and Equipment Records, 1892-1970 (Bulk 1905-1945)

Machine Gun Barrel Research Records,1941-1945

Instrument Photograph Collection,

Frederick Eugene Wright Papers,

Ionosphere Section Records,
1927-[1959] (Bulk 1942-1946)


Second International Polar Year Records,1931-1936


Land Magnetic Survey Records,


Robert Hubbard Mansfield Papers,
1932-1988 (Bulk 1932-1935)


Maud Expedition Records, 1918-1925


Nuclear Physics Program Records, 1926-1963 (Bulk 1933-1955)


Ocean Magnetic Survey Records,


Radio Astronomy Program Records, 1950-1976 (Bulk 1953-1960)


Vera C. Rubin Photograph Collection, c.1942-2012


Section T "Proximity Fuze" Records,1940-[1999] (Bulk 1941-1943)


Seismology Program Records,
1932-2001 (Bulk 1947-1965)


Howard Edwin Tatel Papers,
1924-1960 (Bulk 1945-1957)


Ernest Harry Vestine Papers, 1894-1950 (Bulk 1942-1947)


World War II-Era Records,1941-1952