WASHINGTON, D.C.– The world's largest celebration of science and engineering, the USA Science & Engineering Festival, will return to Washington, D.C., April 25-27, 2014. For our third year, the Carnegie Institution for Science will participate with hands-on experiences and opportunities to meet our scientists and staff. Visitors can prospect for microscopic diamonds, see a real diamond produced by our high pressure lab, touch the universe through handling a meteorite, construct a spectroscope to use at home, examine fossils that are more than a billion years old, model DNA sequence and meet the folks who work and teach with these amazing items and design the instruments.

PLUS: Explore evolution through the eyes of chemists, developmental and plant biologists, geneticists, geologists, and more. Complete 3 evolution activities at 3 Evolution Thought Trail booths at the USA Science & Engineering Festival Expo and win a prize!

Visit the Carnegie Institution for Science Booth #3727. We are participating in Sneak Peek day also! Visit the great BioEyes program of our Department of Embryology scientists at the Society for Developmental Biology Booth #6019. For more information see  http://usasciencefestival.org

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