According to ISI's Web of Science, two of Joe Berry's papers passed extremely high, rarefied citation milestones last week.

The following 1980 paper just passed its 1,500th citation:

Farquhar, G. D., S. von Caemmerer, and J. A. Berry, 1980: A biochemical model of photosynthetic CO2 assimilation in leaves of C3 species. Planta, 149, 78-90.

And this paper passed its 1,000th citation:

Farquhar, G. D., M. H. O'Leary, and J. A. Berry, 1982: On the relationship between carbon isotope discrimination and the intercellular carbon dioxide concentration in leaves. Aust. J. Plant Physiol., 9, 121-137.

Finally, to add to the accomplishments, the following, at 993, is poised to break 1,000.

Berry, J., and O. Bjorkman 1980: Photosynthetic response and adaptation to temperature in higher plants. Annual Review of Plant Physiology, 31, 491-543.

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Plant Genetics