Stanford, CA— Carnegie’s David Ehrhardt has been awarded an honorary fellowship of the Royal Microscopical Society. It was announced during the society’s Botanical Microscopy 2015 meeting at Exeter University.

Potential fellows must be nominated and recommended by five or more current fellows, of which there are never more than 65 at any given time. The proposed honoree is then put before the society’s council, which approves or rejects the nomination.

“Looking at the list of the other honorary fellows, I am surprised and honored to be considered part of this eminent group of scientists,” Ehrhardt said when he learned of the award.

Ehrhardt’s work features application of advanced microscopy and image analysis to visualize and quantify molecular activities in live plant cells, revealing mechanisms of subcellular choreography inside plant tissues. His methods allow him and his team to explore cell-signaling and cell-organization events as they take place.

Incorporated by a royal charter in the United Kingdom, the society is “dedicated to advancing science, developing careers, and supporting wider understanding of science and microscopy.” It has been selecting honorary fellows since 1840. It also publishes The Journal of Microscopy

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