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The Carnegie Institution for Science is consolidating our California research departments into an expanded presence in Pasadena. With this move, we are building on our existing relationship with Caltech, with a goal of broadening our historic collaborations in astronomy and astrophysics and pursuing new opportunities in ecology and plant biology that will support the global fight against climate change.

This plan, which affects our research operations in Pasadena and Palo Alto, reflects Carnegie’s ongoing efforts to extend our leadership in space, Earth, and life sciences and to enhance our ability to explore new frontiers.

In selecting our Pasadena location, we were strongly influenced by the exceptional number of neighboring institutions that share our commitment to world-class scientific inquiry. We look forward to deepening our ongoing collaborations and to forging new alliances, with the objective of making a powerful contribution to Los Angeles’ growing reputation as a preeminent research hub.

Although we will be moving from our Palo Alto location, we remain committed to our research affiliations with our colleagues at Stanford University. We are very proud of the longstanding ties between Carnegie and Stanford, and we anticipate many strong and productive scientific collaborations in the years ahead.

Our institution was founded on the principle that powerful results can be achieved when great scientists have the freedom and resources to follow their curiosity, pursue novel ideas, and tackle the big questions that capture their imaginations and inspire their best work. By taking this step, we are expanding our research horizons and charting a successful path forward.

This is a pivotal moment in the history of Carnegie Science. We look forward to sharing our progress as we advance this exciting new endeavor.