September 29, 2014

An AxS Festival Program

presented by The Carnegie Observatories and Pasadena Conservatory of Music

AxS [ak-sis] is a two-week citywide festival produced by the Pasadena Arts Council that explores the nexus of artistic and scientific inquiry, promoting experimentation and cross-fertilization between these disciplines. This interplay reflects a cultural zeitgeist that not only defines Pasadena as the City of Art and Science, but also illuminates the richness, diversity, and sheer innovation of human aspiration and achievement in the 21st century. The 6th AxS Festival included a collaboration on September 29, 2014 between the Carnegie Institution for Science and the Pasadena Conservatory of Music. Carnegie speakers included John Mulchaey, Acting Director; and Juna Kollmeier and Andrew Benson, staff scientists. The musical performance, a new work by Conservatory faculty member and composer Matthew Brown entitled Hand in Hand at the Edge of the Sky, was inspired by a visit to Mt. Wilson Observatory.

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