b'18 Carnegie Science|Fall 2019Are Plant Cells Key to Surviving Climate Change?the plant science research community must do everything that it can now to help the world prepare to meet it.The group launched a new website for the Plant Cell Atlas at https://www.plantcellatlas.org/.D o plant scientists hold the key to saving us from climate change? How should these researchers deploy their knowledge to maintain food They will convene a workshop with leaders from diverse fields in early 2020 to discuss how to best develop the resource and determine the vision and goals. See the website for details. security, promote renewable energy, sequester atmospheric carbon, and even synthesize medicine?Plant cells convert the Suns energy into chemical energy, sugars and fats, for food via photosynthesis. This is why our atmosphere is oxygen-rich. And it is the basis for our entire food supply; we eat plants directly, and some eat plants indirectly by eating animals that eat plants.According to a 2018 World Health Organization report, between 2030 and 2050 climate change will cause about a quarter of'