b'LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENTCelebrating the Enduring Legacies of Edwin Hubble and Vera Rubin CARNEGIE INSTITUTION Amidst these past months of unprecedentedwith NASA to conduct the first-ever global FOR SCIENCE national turmoil, you may not have noticedsurvey of summer algal blooms in freshwater the NASA announcement that the Hubblelakes, providing clear evidence that the Space Telescope has achieved its 30th year inintensity of these toxic blooms has increased 1530 P Street, NWorbit. Here at Carnegie, we feel a profoundsubstantially over the past three decades. Washington, D.C.20005-1910 sense of pride in the Hubble telescope, whichThey also found that climate change seems 202.387.6400 honors astronomer Edwin Hubble. Fromto be hampering lake recovery in some areas, 1919 until his death in 1953, Hubble wieldedputting water supplies at risk. Carnegies powerful telescopes to makeUsing a suite of powerful scientific discoveries that revolutionized our vision ofinstruments to recreate the extreme President the universe and our place in it. Today, thehigh-pressure, high-temperature conditions Eric D. Isaacs Hubble Space Telescope keeps his namein Earths lower mantle, Michael Walter and . alive for new generations, and CarnegieYanhao Lin in our Earth and Planets Earth and Planets Laboratory astronomers rely on his namesake telescopeLaboratory demonstrated that the water Director, Richard Carlson to make important discoveries about starcycle of evaporation, condensation, Deputy Director, Michael Walter formation, black holes, supernovae, galaxyprecipitation, and collection may actually . growth, and the evolution of the universe.extend far beneath our planets surface. Director, Department of Embryology As we mark the Hubble SpaceThey found that a key mineral, stishovite, Yixian Zheng Telescope anniversary, we also arecan store and transport large amounts of . celebrating the designation of the Largewater under extreme conditions, indicating Interim Director, Department of Global Ecology Synoptic Survey Telescope as the Vera C.that the abundance of water on Earths Anna Michalak Rubin Observatory. Rubin was a brilliantsurface may actually be linked to a deep . astronomer and a powerful advocate forinterior water cycle. Director, The Observatorieswomen in science, and this designation is aIn recognition of her cutting-edge work The Crawford H. Greenewalt Chair well-deserved tribute to her. We lookon ribosomes, biologist Kamena Kostova has John Mulchaey forward to further commemorations of herbeen selected for the Directors Early .Acting Director, Department of Plant Biology life and work as the Rubin ObservatoryIndependence Award from the National Zhiyong Wang moves through first light and into fullInstitutes of Health, which honors highly . operations over the next two years.innovative biomedical or behavioral research Chief Operating OfficerGiven Rubins passionate belief inproposed by extraordinarily creative Timothy Doyleopening the doors of science for newscientists. This award, which was designed. generations of women, it is very appropriateto provide exceptional junior scientists with Chief Development Officerthat we also are celebrating the Royalthe opportunity to skip traditional post-Ann McElwainAstronomical Societys award of its Golddoctoral training and move immediately. Medal in Astronomy to Sandy Faber, a formerinto independent research positions, was EditorCarnegie fellow who now serves on our Boardactually inspired by Carnegies own staff Tina McDowell of Trustees. Faber, a professor emerita ofassociate program, so we are doubly proud. astronomy and astrophysics at U.C.-Santaof Kostovas achievement.Science WriterCruz, was honored for her outstandingDuring these difficult times, I am Natasha Metzler research on the formation, structure andprouder than ever to be part of this great, evolution of galaxies, and for herresilient institution. As you look throughcontributions to the optical design of thethe wide-ranging research findings and Keck Telescopes and other novelimpressive achievements presented in this astronomical instruments. issue of CarnegieScience, I know you will Previous recipients of the Gold Medal,share my admiration for our exceptionally which is the societys highest award, includetalented colleagues and their unswerving Edwin Hubble and Vera Rubin. commitment to science. As you will see in this issue of CarnegieScience, that Carnegie spirit of curiosity and fearless inquiry inspires our researchers across disciplines. In GlobalEric D. Isaacswww.CarnegieScience.edu Ecology, Anna Michalak and Jeff Ho workedPresident'