b'The Carnegie Institution for Science Carnegie Institution for Science Nonprofit Org.is committed to the national policy of1530 P Street, NWU.S. POSTAGEfair treatment of all employees in all aspects of employment. The institutionWashington, D.C.20005-1910 P A I Ddoes not discriminate against anyWashington, DCperson on the basis of race, color,PERMIT NO.1657religion, sex, national or ethnic origin, age, disability, veteran status, or any other basis prohibited by applicablelaw. This policy covers all programs, activities, and operations of the institution, including the administration of its educational programs, admission of qualified students as fellows, and employment practices and procedures.www.CarnegieScience.eduCarnegie Science is committed to protecting and respecting the privacy of our donors, alumni, and friends. As part of that commitment, we recently updated our privacy policy regarding how we collect, process, and use personal information. You can review the full policy on our website: carnegiescience.edu/privacy-policy.TO FIND OUT MORE about this policy or to access, change, or delete your information, please contact our team at datapolicy@carnegiescience.edu.How Carnegie is Helping to Combat COVID-19Carnegie Science, as an institution, has weathered many societal challenges over its 118-year history. Weve stepped in to help whenever we can to benefit humankind.So how is Carnegie assisting in theCarnegie staff efforts to take a direct fight against COVID-19? Of course, torole in helping the fight against flatten the curve Carnegie staff areSARS-CoV-2. This effort has divided staying home and remaining isolated.into several key areasdonations of But we are also aiding the publicPersonal Protective Equipment (PPE) health effort by contributingdirectly to those in need the mostdesperately needed equipment tohealth care workers and care homeslocal hospitals and testing sites. Themanufacturing of PPEs and providing directors compiled lists of items thateducational resources to help with are in short supply and asked staff toteaching in a time of lockdown. As a donate surplus items from their labsresearch enterprise, Carnegie is also or at home, and they are arranging forembarking on scientific efforts to safe pick ups. understand and/or chart the evolution We are also participating in aand mutation of the virus, to understand variety of remote and online sciencetesting results, and to try to pinpoint efforts focused on this deadly virus.targets for vaccine development. As Many of our staff have made thethese other projects progress, decision to help in more direct ways. ACarnegie will continue to support andIndividual scientists and staff are contributing in numerous ways. Staff scientist Tim Strobel, who subjects materials to high Carnegie versus COVID effort has beenaid those who wish to take directpressures for understanding chemical processes and started to facilitate communication,action, like these examples, to combatinteractions, is using his labs 3-D printer to manufacture headbands for medical face shields.inspiration, and resources to helpthe current pandemic. Image courtesy Michelle Strobel, Carnegie Institution for Science'