b'Carnegie Science|Spring/Summer 2020 3T R U S T E E N E W SCharles Bolden, Jr., Mary Maxon, and Christine McCarthy Electedto the Carnegie Board of TrusteesImages courtesy Larry Lettera at nycphoto.com; The Regents of the University of California, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; and the Walt Disney CompanyT he Carnegie Institution forBolden received a B.S. in electricalresearch at the White House Office of Science Board of Trusteesscience from the U.S. Naval Academy andScience and Technology Policy (OSTP), she unanimously elected threewas then commissioned as a secondhas worked in private biotechnology and new board members: Charleslieutenant in the Marine Corps. He becamethe pharmaceutical industries. With this Bolden, Jr., who served as thea naval aviator flying more than 100extensive experience in science, industry, 12th administrator of thecombat missions in Vietnam, Laos, andand government, Maxon is recognized as a National Aeronautics and SpaceCambodia. He has received numerousnational leader in science and technology Administration (NASA) until 2017; Maryawards for his distinguished service,policy.Maxon, associate laboratory director forincluding the Defense Superior ServiceChristine McCarthy was named to biosciences at the Lawrence BerkeleyMedal and the Distinguished Flying Cross.oversee Disneys vast global financial National Laboratory; and ChristineHe was inducted into the U.S. Astronautorganization in 2015. Before that, she was McCarthy, senior executive vice presidentHall of Fame in May 2006. He serves onexecutive vice president for corporate real and chief financial officer of the Waltmany boards, including as a trustee of theestate and alliances and treasurer at Disney Company.U.S. Naval Academy Foundation. Disney. Before joining Disney, McCarthy Charles Bolden, Jr., is currentlyMary Maxon oversees the Berkeleywas executive vice president and chief president and chief executive officer of theLabs Biological Systems and Engineering,financial officer of Imperial Bancorp, and Bolden Consulting Group LLC. He wasEnvironmental Genomics and Systemsshe was in different finance and planning appointed NASA administrator byBiology, and Molecular Biophysics andpositions at First Interstate Bancorp. President Obama and confirmed by theIntegrated Bioimaging Divisions and theMcCarthy has a B.S. in biological Senate. He served from 2009 until 2017. HeDepartment of Energys Joint Genomesciences from Smith College and an MBA is also a retired U.S. Marine Corps MajorInstitute. She has been instrumental toin marketing and finance from the General and a former astronaut. He was instrategic planning and development of theAnderson School at UCLA. She has earned orbit four times on the space shuttle,biosciences area, including as themany awards for her work including commanding two of the missions andbiosciences principal deputy.Treasury & Risks 100 Most Influential piloting the other two. Prior to his role asMaxon has a B.S. in biology andPeople in Finance and Business Insiders NASA administrator, Bolden was chiefchemistry from the State University ofThe 15 Most Influential Women in executive officer of JACKandPANTHERNew York, Albany, and a Ph.D. in molecularFinance. Among many civic and LLC, a small consulting business incell biology from U.C.-Berkeley. In additioncorporate affiliations, she is a mentor for military, aerospace, and motivationalto working in the public sector, includingthe National Math and Science Initiatives speaking.as the assistant director for biologicalSTEM program. '