b'4 Carnegie Science|Spring/Summer 2020Astronomer andCarnegie TrusteeSandra Faber Awarded Royal AstronomicalSocietys Gold MedalCarnegie Trustee Emeritus The Royal Astronomical SocietyRobert Goelet Diesannounced on January 10, 2020, that former Carnegie fellow andChampion for wildlife conservation, current trustee Sandra Faber willarts, history, and culture, and a be awarded the Gold Medal inCarnegie trustee from 1980 until Astronomy.2014, Robert Bobby Goelet died at the age of 96 on October 8, 2019, at Faber is professor emerita of astronomyhis home in New York.and astrophysics at the University ofGoelet devoted much of his time California, Santa Cruz and has been ato civic causes. Among his various Carnegie trustee since 1985. She wascivic activities, he was the board awarded the Gold Medal for herpresident of the French Institute/outstanding research on the formation,Alliance Franaise and a board structure and evolution of galaxies, and formember of the National Audubon her contributions to the optical design ofSociety, Phipps Houses, and Chemical the Keck Telescopes and other novelBank (now JPMorgan Chase).astronomical instruments. Born in France in 1923, Goelet The Gold Medal is the highest awardmoved to New York when he was 12. granted by the society for a researchersHe later graduated from Harvard lifetime of work. Previous recipientswith a bachelors degree in history. include such notables as Carnegies EdwinDuring his sophomore year, he Hubble, Albert Einstein, Steven Hawking,enlisted in the Navy and was trained and Carnegies Vera Rubin. as a Helldiver bomber pilot. In 1957 Fabers career includes pioneeringhe became a director of Air America. research on the formation and evolution ofIn 1975 he was named president of galaxies, the evolution of structure in thethe American Museum of Natural universe, and concepts such as the GreatHistory. He had served in the same Attractor and cold dark matter, whichImages courtesy Carnegie Institution for Science role at the New-York Historical gained her world acclaim. She is also aSociety and the New York Zoological leading authority on telescopes andfaculty in 1972. In 1995, she was madeSociety (now the Wildlife astronomical instrumentation and hasUniversity Professor; this is the highestConservation Society). He was the received many awards and accolades.faculty honor in the University ofmuseums chairman until 1989, when After receiving a B.A. in physics fromCalifornia system. In 2013 she receivedhe retired from the post.Swarthmore College, she received her Ph.D.the National Medal of Science; in 2017 sheGoelet joined the Carnegie board in astronomy from Harvard in 1972. Much ofwas awarded the Gruber Cosmology Prize;in 1980 and, with his passion for the her dissertation work was conducted atand last year she was awarded thenatural sciences and his background Carnegies Department of TerrestrialAmerican Philosophical Societysin finance, served as a valuable Magnetism in Washington, D.C. Magellanic Premium medal, among manymember of the Research and Finance Faber joined the U.C.-Santa Cruzother honors. Committees. Goelet is survived by his wife Alexandra Goelet and his two children.'