b'The Carnegie Academy forScience Education & Math for AmericaContinued22 Math for America DC 29 alumni of the teaching Turns Ten! fellowship havecontinued Over the last ten years, Math for America DC (MAteaching mathematicsDC) teachers have reached close to 30,000 D.C.beyond the four-year public and charter school students. Founded in 2008 by Carnegie President Emerita Maxine Singer, MArequirement of the program.DC includes two programs, the Teaching Fellowship and the Master Teacher Fellowship. program includes stipends and financial support for Teaching fellows receive tuition scholarships and afive years, as well as leadership and professional stipend for a one-year masters degree, followed bydevelopment opportunities. Master teachers are a four-year teaching commitment in Washington,eligible for special grants to participate in national D.C., public or charter secondary schools. Next yearmathematics conferences. This past year, six the final 2014 cohort of eight teaching fellows willmathematics teachers were selected to enter the complete that program. master teacher program. Beginning in 2019, MA DC will be expanding this program. The Master Teacher Fellowship, which began in 2011, is a five-year program to which experiencedOverall, MA DC has recruited 62 teachers, 37 secondary school mathematics teachers apply. Thefellows and 25 master teachers, and retained over 50 to teach D.C., students in public schools. In the 2018-2019 school year, there are eight teaching fellows and 15 master teachers. Over the last ten years, 29 alumni of the teaching fellowship have continued teaching mathematics beyond the four-year requirement of the program. This compares to an average of only up to three years for non-MA teachers in the D.C. public schools.In 2017, with support from MA DC, master teacher Chris Hoyt became a National Board Certified Teacher (NBCT), which is the most respected professional certification available in K-12 education. Former MfA master teacher Bill Day (right) was the 2014 D.C.Will Stafford, a master teacher since 2012, is also a Teacher of the Year. He currently teaches at E.L. Haynes PublicNBCT. There are only a handful of other D.C. teachers Charter School and has joined the MfA DC staff to coordinate thewho have obtained this prestigious certification. expansion of the master teacher program.Image courtesy MfA DC'