b'Friends, Honors & TransitionsThe Carnegie Founders Society When Andrew Carnegie made his original $10 million gift, hethese individuals have empoweredscientists to pursue did so with the audacious goal of establishing an independentthe most profound challenges in modern science and truly research organization that would increase scientific knowledgetransform our relationship to the universe and world around us. for the improvement of humankind. Likewise, members of the Carnegie Founders Society are visionaries whothrough theirCaryl P. Haskins*46 generosity and entrepreneurial spiritlay the foundationsWilliam R. Hewlett*for innovation, ingenuity, and intellectual courage to thrive.George Mitchell *Through their lifetime contributions of $10 million or more,* DeceasedTHE CARNEGIE HABITABILITY PROJECTThe Carnegie Habitability Project will investigateThis isthe beginning which planetary features contribute to the habitability of a planet. The only planet that we know is habitable of anew kind is Earth. But with over 3,000 exoplanets discovered inof science. . . the galaxy so far, it is likely that there are others. In making momentous gifts, members of the Carnegieplanet. Investments of over $10 million in postdoctoral Founders Society imagined providing resourcesassociates, advanced equipment, technologies, and for projects that would fundamentally alter ourmaterials will accelerate the incredible work Carnegie understanding of ourselves, our planet, and ourresearchers have already launched. With the right universeprojects like the Carnegie Habitabilityin-house expertise, equipment, and technologies Project.Carnegie scientists can move swiftly, as no other institution or university can, to open new frontiers in We are standing at a critical moment in ourexoplanet and planetary habitability research. knowledge of both the farthest reaches of the universe and Earths life-sustaining history. As theThis is the beginning of a new kind of science: field of exoplanet science explodes, in large partone that harnesses the expertise of geologists, due to crucial discoveries from Carnegie scientists,astronomers, physicists, chemists, experimentalists, researchers around the world are shifting their focusand theorists to create a comprehensive from identifying new exoplanets to determiningunderstanding of planetary habitability. Moreover, it which, like Earth, might support life.will provide the direction needed to chart the course to new planets and possibly life elsewhere in the With the support of Carnegies philanthropic leaders,universe, and that course begins with the scientific the Carnegie Habitability Project is poised to leadand philanthropic visionaries who are committed to the field of exoplanet science towards determiningforging the way.which features contribute to the habitability of a'