b"Friends, Honors & TransitionsFriends, Honors & TransitionsI am delighted to honorthe newest member of the The Vannevar Bush SocietyVannevar Bush, the renowned leader of American scientific Vannevar Bush Society, research of his time, served as Carnegies president from 1939 Jane Wilson. to 1955. Bush believed in the power of private organizations and Remarks by Carnegie President Eric Isaacs,the conviction that it is good for man to know. The Vannevar November 15, 2018 Bush Society recognizes those who have made lifetime 48 contributions between $100,000 to $999,999.Anonymous (5)~ Henrietta W. Hollaender*Philip H. Abelson* Antonia Ax:son Johnson and Bruce and Betty Alberts Goran EnnerfeltMary Anne Nyburg Baker and Paul A. Johnson*G. Leonard Baker, Jr. Paul and Carolyn KokulisDaniel Belin and Kate Ganz Gerald D. and Doris* LaubachBradley F. Bennett* Lawrence H. LindenDidier and Brigitte Berthelemot Michael T. LongDavid P. Brown~ John D. MacomberDonald and Linda Brown Steven L. McKnightRichard Buynitzky* Richard A. and Martha R. MeserveA. James Clark* J. Irwin Miller*Tom and Anne Cori Al and Honey NashmanJohn Crawford~ Evelyn Stefansson Nef*H. Clark and Eleanora K. Dalton* Alexander Pogo*John Diebold* Elizabeth M. Ramsey*Jean and Leslie Douglas* Vera and Robert Rubin*Herbert A. Dropkin Allan R. Sandage*Michael A. Duffy Leonard Searle*James Ebert* Allan SpradlingJo Ann Eder Frank N. Stanton*Bruce W. Ferguson and Christopher and Margaret StoneHeather R. Sandiford Dawn Taylor~Stephen and Janelle Fodor David and Catherine ThompsonKaren Fries and Richard Tait William* and Nancy TurnerImage courtesy 5th & Market Photography Martin and Jacqueline Gellert Marshall WaisMichael and Jane Wilson have been staunch supportersSibyl R. Golden* C. Jane Wilson~Diane Greene and Michael G. Wilsonof the science education program BioEYES since 2014.Mendel Rosenblum Laure WoodsBioEYES was cofounded by Carnegies DepartmentGary K. Hart and Cary S. Hartof Embryology scientist Steve Farber who uses the zebrafish to teach Baltimore area teachers and students* Deceasedabout genetics, development, and much more by~ New Member(s)watching the young fish grow and develop. The program has been particularly important to Jane who remarked: As a 'Once-Upon-a-Time' teacher of 10-to-12-year olds in the public school systems of California and Maryland, I wish I had access to the BioEYES program or something similar years ago in my classrooms. BioEYES stimulates curiosity, hones a students abilities of observation, trains children to read in the scientific method, and engenders a love and respect for science that will last a lifetime."