b'2017-2018 YEAR BOOK I like to support education , physics, astronomy, and engineering . . . Carnegies Las Campanas Observatory (LCO) is like a home-away-from-home for Second Century Legacy Society member John Thomas. He made his first trip to Chile after his daughter Joanna and son-in-law David Osip moved there in 2003, when David began working at LCO. David is now associate director. Captivated by its magical and inviting atmosphere, John has migrated south for the49winter nearly a dozen times, visiting family and catching unparalleled glimpses of the Milky Way. John began supporting the Observatories in 2005 with individual gifts that were matched by his former employer. I wanted to support Dave and Joannas work, and get invited back, he joked. When John received some family money in 2009, it seemed only logical to set up an irrevocable trust to further his philanthropic goals. I like to support education, physics, astronomy, and engineering, and I have a particular affection for Caltech and Carnegie. With hisJohn Thomas (middle) visits with daughter Joanna (right) and son-in-law irrevocable trust, John establishes a legacy that benefitsDavid Osip (left) in Chile, in 2005. David Osip is currently the associate his favorite institutions and himself. director of Carnegies Las Campanas Observatory in Chile. Image courtesy David OsipThe Second Century Legacy SocietyThe Second Century Legacy Society recognizes individualsthe resources to broaden scientific knowledge and cultivate who make special commitments to Carnegie Science infuture generations of leading scientists. Through their support of scientific research and discovery through theirplanned gifts, members meet their charitable and financial wills, living trusts, estate plans, and other forms of plannedgoals while creating legacies that support the research areas giving. Members of this society carry on the vital traditionmost important to them. We gratefully acknowledge these of philanthropy upon which Carnegie Science was founded,dedicated supporters, whose impact will be felt in tomorrows ensuring that throughout Carnegies next 100 years we haveresearch advances. Anonymous (3) Herbert A. Dropkin Paul A. Johnson* Leonard Searle*Philip H. Abelson* Susan Farkas Paul and Carolyn Kokulis Maxine and Daniel SingerPaul A. Armond, Jr. Nina V. Fedoroff Nancy Lee Frank N. Stanton*Liselotte Beach* Julie D. Forbush* Gilbert and Karen Levin Fay M. Stetzer*Bradley F. Bennett* William T. Golden* Chester B.* and Barbara C. Martin Thomas H. B. Symons, C.C.Francis R. Boyd, Jr.* Crawford H. Greenewalt* Al and Honey Nashman John R. Thomas, Ph.D.Lore E. Brown Margaretta Greenewalt* Charles J. and Virginia E.Ian Thompson~Gordon Burley Gary K. Hart and Cary S. Hart Peterson~ Hatim A. TyabjiRichard Buynitzky* Caryl P. Haskins* Alexander Pogo* William M. WhiteEleanor Gish Crow* Robert and Margaret Hazen Elizabeth M. Ramsey* Robert and Roberta YoungH. Clark and Eleanora K. Dalton* Richard E. Heckert* Holly M. RuessHugh H. Darby* Henrietta W. Hollaender* Allan R. Sandage* * Deceased~ New Member(s)'