b'2017-2018 YEAR BOOKRoberto Delgado Mona C. FigureCampbell DeMallie and Kurt FingerKatherine Van Sickle Gail FisherSalil Deshpande Michael E. FisherRobert C. DeVries Robert S. FitchFrank Dicello Mona Lisa FlickerJohn M. and Jane M. Dick Carolina Flores-HelizonJohn F. Dilley James Foley 53Catherine Doane Melissa FosterStefanie Z. Dobrin Jennifer FoxBruce R. Doe David FranceLaura D. Dominguez Becky Jo FredrikssonScot Donato David H. and Linda R. FreemanJames Done Richard and Cheryl FreemanPetar Dordevic Bevan M. FrenchLaert Dounis Lisa FriedmanMartin Dresner Sonia M. FriedmanGeorge B. and Sue R. Driesen Frederick S. Fry Promoting and supporting science has become a family affair. From Donald Dudley Huaxiang Fu left to right: sons Andrs and Daniel, husband and father Esteban Brian J. Durkin Frances Galindo Lizardo, son Gabo, and wife and mother Vannia De La Cuba. Sarfraz Durrani Shikha Gambhir Image courtesy Vannia De La CubaRobert Dussault and Khanh Bui David and Carolyn Gambrel Vannia De La Cuba and her husband Esteban Lizardo Sinan Duzyurek and Joan Gantz began giving to the Carnegie Observatories in 2016, when Allen Lawrence Mary L. Garnett John Mulchaey became Observatories director and began Richard Earley Bruce Gates reaching out to the nearby Pasadena community. As both Daniel Earnest Joseph L. GaulDavid H. Eggler Tanay Gavankar a long-time science enthusiast and a community field Karl Eiholzer and Michele Rhodes Edwin Gaynor representative in District 5 of Pasadenaor as she and Brice and Margaret Eldridge Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Gelb John joke, the center of the universe of discoveriesBarbara Elkus and Rodger Poore Mattia Gellera Vannia was a natural supporter of the Observatories. Bennett Ellenbogen Amy Gerber-StrohConstance B. Elliot Susan Gerbi-McIlwain. . . there isno more important Mitzi Emrich Stuart M. GersonAlexander Engdahl Thomas G. Gertmenian investmentthan in science.Katherine Enger Jane R. GeuderRobert Eplee Matthew Gianferante and Vannia and Esteban have three sons, and science has been Ashley Erffmeyer, on behalf ofJohn Favazzo part of the family since the beginning. Daniel, now 25, is a Dustin Spieker Kathleen Gibbons materials engineer; Gabo, 22, is majoring in astrophysics Joseph and Marie Erkes Peter Giguere at Columbia. Andrs, 14, follows in their footsteps with an Wallace and Charlotte Ernst M. Charles and Mary Carol Gilbert engineering interest. Both older boys taught in a summer Clare Evans Lauren Gilbertson science program for elementary students, which Vannia Mark Evans Maria T. Gil-del-RealIra B. Fader, Jr. William Gillespie and Rita Leffers had initiated. Speaking of her commitment to ensuring Steven Farber Trudy Gillevet science education access to students throughout the Brian Farrell Sven F. Girsperger Pasadena community, Vannia remarks, We want the kids Walter L. Faust Carla Gladstone to say to themselves, Why cant I work at JPL?Eric J. Fearon Jessica Gladstone According to Vannia, she and her husband chose to give Frederick M. Feldheim William and Gayle GlauzMengistu Ferede Eitan Glinert and Laura Lacombe as monthly sustainers because it matters to me that I Jean Ferner Ken Globus give back every month. It makes me feel better than I Grace Ferrara Jeffry W. Gluth would once a year. This family feels that there is no more Joseph Figura Greg Goers important investment than in science. continued on page 54'