b'2017-2018 YEAR BOOKThe Presidents Commentary 7C arnegie Science is at its best whenCarnegie president Eric D. Isaacsour scientists chart new directions and ask fundamental questions in a Image courtesy Jason Smith, University of Chicagoway that is distinctivesometimes even contrarian. Over these past months, I have been deeply impressed by the intellectual fearlessness of our researchers, and by the many ways in which that fearlessness leads to potentially transformative insights and discoveries. When the Carnegie Institution for Science was founded more than a century ago, our independent structure was intended to secure our researchers unfettered ability to seek the truth. In these times, we appreciate Andrew Carnegies foresight as we watch national funding for basic scientific research fall victim to political and fiscal considerations. So, our institutional responsibility to take risks and address crucial problems in novel ways is now greater than ever. The wide-ranging work featured in the 2017-2018Carnegie Science Year Book demonstrates the impacts of our scientists commitment to collaborative, cross-disciplinary, innovative research focused on the betterment of humankind.'